Custom Forms

We have all heard of the paperless office, but how can offices make this transition without a huge IT department and tons of expensive hardware? Our solution allows users to quickly upload existing forms and our staff can easily transition the forms into on-line forms and make them available to your staff for easy completion, storage and retrieval. Our staff has been educated in the industry best practices for security, availability and disaster recovery.

Save Money

Stop messing around with expensive printers. The cost of paper and ink for printers can easily damage a good budget. Expensive service contracts can be even more costly.

Secure Access

Most locking file cabinets can be compromised is seconds by seasoned thieves. Worse yet, the manufacturer will mail thieves a key with only the codes printed on the outside.

Access Anywhere

With our solution, authorized users can create, access, edit and delete e-documents at home, the office or even from a smart phone or tablet.


With e-documents, your forms are never lost. Also, you can set retention dates to automatically purge old documents you no longer need.

Go Green

Not only will your pocketbook love the changes, you can take pride in reducing your companies global footprint.

Go Green now!


Paper files can only be sorted in one way. E-documents can be sorted by name, department, location and others at the same time. Store the same document in an employee file and the department file and know the are synchronized.


Search specific fields, document titles and even document contents. We give you the ability to find any document in seconds. Why sift through mounds of paper?


With e-documents, you have access to information including who, when and in what way were the documents created, edited and/or deleted.