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Stand out with a truly custom website (no templates). Our stunning sites are developed specifically for you. Start attracting new customers to your business today. Our websites are simply better, continue below to find out why.

The Science of It All – Colors, Anatomy, and Layout.

We focus on more than the simple aesthetics of a design layout. Anyone with a good eye can determine what looks appealing, but we go beyond simple visual stimulation. We understand the concepts behind the science of colors, user interaction and user experience. Our designs are visually beautiful and functional. Our clients tell us what they’re looking for in terms of branding and we make it happen through the use of colors, page anatomy and layout theme. We build our websites from scratch, fully customizing it to our clients needs. A family doctor from a small town will need a website design different from a surgeon from a big city to best suit their patients. Applying these concepts to a design makes a major difference in the user experience and how potential clients perceive the nature of the business as a whole.
  • Designed from Scratch
  • Exclusivity and Ownership
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Effective SEO & Marketing

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Custom Website Design

All of our designs are made from scratch in Photoshop, designed specifically for you and your company's unique needs.

Custom Wordpress Development

We never use pre-made templates. Ever. All of our sites are 100% custom developed to be super easy to update and edit on your own without having to know how to code.

Mobile Responsive Design

On average over 20% of all website visitors view sites on a mobile device and that number is only rising. All of our sites are developed with fully mobile responsive designs that adapt for the iPhone, iPad and all other mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide on page Search Engine Optimization for the sites we develop. We research the most relevant keywords and tag and structure the site to rank for those keywords. We also practice what we preach. If you Google 'UncannySoft' or 'Hire a Web Designer' we're the #1 result.

User Interface/ User Experience

We identify the various user types visiting your website and then create a clear path for each user allowing them to easily find what it is they are looking for.

Marketing Design Strategy

We don't 'just' design pretty websites, we strategize a design and user interface focused on marketing and conversion. We use the psychological 'weapons of influence' as outlined in Robert Cialdini's book Influence to stack the deck in favor.

Content Architecture

Ultimately a website is a vehicle and structure for content. We partner with our clients and help to structure and refine the content architecture of their website to insure for clear user interface and strong marketing calls to action.

Website Maintenance

We love maintaining long term relationships with our clients. While it's not mandatory, we offer ongoing hosting and maintenance services to clients whose sites we have designed and developed.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Our mobile responsive sites have ready-to-dial phone numbers, contact information, appointment form submissions and office information. For busy customers, constantly on the “go”, responsive websites are the way of the future making it possible for them to move from one appointment to the next. Read on to learn why a mobile responsive site can now affect your Google ranking.

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Custom Forms

Whether it is government forms, job applications or custom forms, we have the solutions to fit your needs.

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Web & Document Hosting

Lets us host your website or custom build a website that offers the features you need.

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