Welcome to UncannySoft.com

Bringing you software that is beyond the ordinary.

The UncannySoft team designs, builds and maintains custom software solutions for everyone, from a guy with an idea to large corporations. While our quotes are typically not the lowest (“John” in Bangladesh underbids me), we give our clients the best software solution that is specially designed for their needs and budget.

Web Design & Marketing

Stand out with a truly custom website (no templates). Our stunning sites are developed specifically for you. Start attracting new customers to your business today. Our websites are simply better. The Science of It All – Colors, Anatomy, and Layout. We focus on more than the simple aesthetics of a design layout. Anyone with a good eye can determine what looks appealing, but we go beyond simple visual stimulation. We understand the concepts behind the science of colors, user interaction and user experience. Our designs are visually beautiful and functional. Our clients tell us what they’re looking for in terms of branding and we make it happen through the use of colors, page anatomy and layout theme. We build our websites from scratch, fully customizing it to our clients needs. A family doctor from a small town will need a website design different from a surgeon from a big city to best suit their patients. Applying these concepts to a design makes a major difference in the user experience and how potential clients perceive the nature of the business as a whole.

Custom Forms Whether it is government forms, job applications or custom forms, we have the solutions to fit your needs. Go Green now!